Megan Miles

Megan has been working with birthing families since 2005 and has been privileged to attend the birth of over 500 babies. She has been a birth and postpartum doula, midwifery student and childbirth educator.  Megan provides placenta encapsulation services and birth tub rentals to families from Seattle to Mount Vernon. Her beliefs about birth are simple – our bodies are made to birth our babies. Birth is normal, safe, and amazing. She has devoted countless hours to learning about the process of pregnancy and birth, about how to help women through pregnancy and labor, and how to help families create joyous memories of the births of their babies. At the same time, she is committed to helping you make choices that are best and safest for you and your baby.
Megan is currently on hiatus from attending births to refresh her spirit and pursue some other interests. However, she just can’t stay away from the birth world! Her current services include placenta encapsulation, birth tub rentals and the occasional birth for her beloved repeat clients.

On a personal level, Megan’s passions include her family, powerlifting and good whiskey. Her time is spent in the gym lifting heavy things, watching her daughter compete in gymnastics meets around the PNW, or catching up on sleep.


  • Placenta Encapsulation $225 ($25 discount for NSBC clients),
  • Tub Rental $225.

If  Megan has worked with you in the past in a doula capacity and you are interested in discussing future births with her, please contact her directly via email or call (425) 876-5202.