Rachel Ostrander

Rachel is one of the founding members of North Sound Birth Collective. She has returned to her position in the corporate world, but remains involved with NSBC as a trusted advisor and knowledgeable

Rachel became a mother at the tender age of 21 and she knew that the midwifery model of care spoke to her. Her sister spent some years working for an naturopathic physician, one of the founders of Bastyr University, and he delivered her second and third children. She brought the knowledge she gained as a birth assistant into the delivery room and Rachel’s doula, although she didn’t have a word for that role at the time. Her sister’s presence was  Rachel’s most comforting memory of her daughter’s birth, and while it was another decade before she explored the idea of birth work, she knew the seeds were planted then.

Rachel believes that birth is a natural physiological process that generally works well when left alone, and she is incredibly grateful for the medical technology that saves lives when the need arises. She believes that in our role as doulas, we are to provide our you with the information needed to advocate for yourself and your family in the way that is the best for you, and to leave you with a birth experience that is empowering and fulfilling.

Rachel is the mother to 3 beautiful children and they keep her and her husband Taylor very busy. Besides her family, she loves to read and is known for randomly busting out a crazy variety of craft projects.