Robin Moberly

Robin is a Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist and Certified Massage Therapy Doula. Her passion for the birth experience came a bit later in life when she had her first child at the age of 36. After the birth of her 2nd daughter at 40, she retired from a 22-year career as a corporate insurance broker. After spending a couple of joyful and hectic years home with the kids, Robin decided to devote herself to a career in caregiving by first becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2006. With a special interest in pregnancy and childbirth, she received her pregnancy massage certification in 2009 and is one of the premier pregnancy massage
therapists in Snohomish County.

She then studied to become a doula and has supported families of all different structures and sizes at approximately 100 births. Robin attends births in the home, hospital or birth center and has supported clients during water births, VBACs and HBACs as well as 1st or subsequent cesarean sections. Robin has experience with clients who have suffered trauma (physical, sexual, emotional) in childhood and adulthood and appreciates the challenges that these folks have in navigating a healthy birth experience.  She has supported single mothers during their birthing as well as parents who have included a large family group at their birth.

Robin believes that birth is a sacred event and whatever birth path a family chooses is not only relevant but honored in her work. She also believes that the process should be as fun as possible . . . . her ability to be upbeat and energetic but also calm and nurturing is greatly appreciated by her clients.
Balancing both the doula work and her massage therapy practice, Robin is the mother of two daughters who are currently navigating young adulthood.  She is married to a high school theater arts teacher and loves to read, travel, garden and attend the theater.

For questions or to arrange a meeting, please email Robin or call (425) 501-6150.

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