happy-pregnant-womanOur bodies are beautifully designed to carry babies and give birth, but our brains can’t always keep up. A childbirth education class will give you the understanding you need of the physiological and emotional process of childbirth; knowledge that will help you make decisions for your care, advocate for yourself and your baby, and manage the pain of labor. It’s an excellent opportunity for you and your partner to let go of the outside chaos of life and focus on your pregnancy, your baby, and becoming parents together.

North Sound Birth offers two kinds of classes to prepare for birth; a traditional classroom series taught in a group environment, as well as private classes, tailored to your needs and taught in your home.

Emily Banning is a childbirth educator and private classes are now available on childbirth, newborn care, breastfeeding, cloth diapering and babywearing. If you are interested in a group class, please email Emily with your estimated due date and area of residence.