Massage Therapy


Why pregnancy massage?

The months during pregnancy are a special time for mothers. They are also a time of tremendous physical change as well as adjustments in emotion and thought. These changes can create feelings of joy and anticipation, but can also cause stress and uncertainty.

Massage during these months can help create a better physical and emotional balance for the mother and can translate directly to a more comfortable growing experience for baby. Prenatal massage is specifically tailored to enhance the experience of pregnancy on an external physical level as well as on a internal, hormonal level.

Robin has received advanced training and certification in pregnancy and postpartum massage. Robin has thorough understanding of the body’s physical changes, safety issues for massage during pregnancy, proper positioning and areas that must be treated differently or avoided.


Benefits of Pregnancy Massage


  • Reduces stress and encourages relaxation
  • Eases joint pain and helps maintain flexibility
  • Eases discomfort in neck, back and hips
  • Relieves muscle cramps and spasms
  • Eases pregnancy-induced symptoms such as carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatic pain
  • Improves circulation and can lower blood pressure
  • Reduces edema in hands and lower legs
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves skin elasticity to help reduce stretch marks
  • Helps prepare the body for childbirth

Robin’s pregnancy massage includes:

  • Swedish massage for pure relaxation or therapeutic massage for specific problem areas
  • Warm towel wraps for neck and feet
  • Use of a hydraulic table and body pillows for maximum comfort and safety.  Massages are given in a side-lying position and in a safe and comfortable reclined position.
  • Massage appointments can be scheduled for one hour or 90 minutes to allow time to promote full relaxation and pampering.
One Session:  $80 (60 minutes)
$110 (90 minutes)


Packages allow you to get consistent relief throughout your pregnancy. If you’d like, save a session for after your baby is born. Babies up to one month of age may join their mamas for a relaxing snuggle massage. Package sessions are 60 minutes.


4 session package:  $280


Robin’s massage practice is located in the Smokey Point area of Arlington, WA.  Visit for details.

To make an appointment with Robin for Pregnancy or Post-Partum Massage, please call (425) 501-6150