Even before I got pregnant, I knew that I wanted to try to have an unmedicated natural birth, and that I wanted a doula to be part of our birth team. The thought of giving birth felt extremely vulnerable to me, and where this was our first baby, I was anxious, and had a lot of questions. As I was searching for a doula, it felt important to me to find someone that was not only knowledgeable and experienced, but also kind, strong, and someone I could trust to advocate for me. Robin was all of these things, and above all she has made me feel safe and cared for before, during, and after labor.

From my husband’s perspective, at first he was not sure why we needed a doula, but a few hours after the birth of our daughter, he was not sure what we would have done without Robin. He felt she helped him understand what was going on, and explained things really well. Also, he was grateful for her feedback in how he was trying to help me cope. It felt good to him to know what he was doing was helpful, and that he could look to her for direction when he was unsure what to do next.

Robin’s knowledge, care and encouragement, and input on our birth plan helped me feel positive about going into labor. During labor she was reassuring, and it felt safe to take direction from her. She also knew our birth plan well, and I feel like she communicated clearly between us, nurses, and the midwife. After birth I needed help with breastfeeding, and I struggled with depression and anxiety. Robin’s encouragement, and resources she has provided, have truly helped us in our adjustment as a family. What I am most grateful for is not only accomplishing our goal of a natural birth, but also the presence of a strong woman, who helped me realize I had the strength and power I needed. It was an honor to have her there to help me use it.

Robin was referred to me by a friend’s doula and she ended up being a perfect match! I used her during my pregnancy for massage figuring it would be the perfect way to get to know each other better. I needed to make sure there was a strong bond before the big day, intimacy meant a lot to me.  She always made a strong effort to keep in contact and be there for me emotionally when I didn’t see her.  My labor was FAST, faster than I or any of us really expected. Before her arrival I had a hard time focusing because I was going through transition. As soon as she arrived she was able to get me to focus better, just her nurturing presence put me much more at ease. She kept me focused all the way until delivery. I enjoy every moment I spent with Robin and hope that she will be in my life for a long time.
Robin supported me through pregnancy, labor, and childbirth with such grace. She helped me celebrate victories, adjust and course correct through emotional and physical pains, massaged my body with such talented hands, and ultimately helped me have the most beautiful childbirth I could have ever dreamt up.

Her coaching helped my husband and I stay a solid team, she encouraged the best warrior in me to ride through all the contractions, and advised me contraction by contraction through the delivery. Her tone, energy, and confidence was perfect in every moment – I am not exaggerating – she was perfect. She has a talented ability to get to know you in a handful of meetings and be able to identify just what you will need in the most raw moment of your life. She made me feel like a rockstar through my entire pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

And, on top of all she did for me, she was the most incredible coach to my husband. I can’t imagine the position of the partner, it seems daunting, complex, and intense in totally different ways than the position of being the mom. Robin was there for my husband as much as she was for me. She was a quiet but everpresent comrade helping him to be the best partner he could be in every moment.

Robin is a real champion and I feel beyond blessed that I was lucky enough to have had her as my coach. She made a magical moment sparkle that much brighter.