You couldn’t have waited??!?

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This weekend my family and I went away for a lovely weekend in Portland. We left Friday afternoon and planned to return Sunday evening. I had arranged back up for one client I had coming up, with absolutely no thought whatsoever that we would actually need it…until a picture of my beautiful client and her beautiful new daughter arrived as a text at about 9am Saturday.

What? You couldn’t have waited for me??!?

The truth about birth is that it’s unpredictable. Before this client hired me I told her I would be leaving town for the weekend. It was during her 37th week and her first baby didn’t come until her 42nd week, so neither of us thought it was an issue. Before leaving town I emailed her contact instructions for Megan just in case, and it was Megan who provided doula support during the birth. Thank goodness for my partners.

Doula work is hard on families. It makes it incredibly difficult to leave town, even for a short while, and wrecks havoc on any sort of plans. This is part of the reason I am so glad to be a part of the North Sound Birth Collective – by partnering with doulas we trust and respect we are able to provide rock solid back up, even when we are completely sure we won’t need it.

When you hire a doula from NSBC, you are hiring one doula, the one you connected with and want for your birth. That doula makes a commitment to attend your birth, and with very few exceptions will be there from the time you call her in until after your baby is born. For those exceptions (which, unless they are sudden emergencies, will always be discussed with you at your consultation) there will always be an experienced doula available to provide the labor support you deserve.

For more information about doula services by North Sound Birth Collective, go here.